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Celebrating 16 years at Polishing Depot June, 2017.  Thank you for your patronage...from Gill, owner of Polishing Depot.
A Leader in High Quality Polishing!
rims, intakes, exhausts, restoring rims
custom production
specializing in mould and dye polishing
flat bar, tubing angle
stainless steel, brass, aluminum
hotel restoration
high end custom and production work
restoration of antiques, parts, boats,
aviation parts, motorcycles, machine/door hardware.
polishing depot chrome rims, brass
Mirror Finishes
Polishing Depot was established in 1996.
Services they provide:
Satin Finish (brush)
Mirror Finish
XL Blend Finish
 Hammer Finishes: brass, stainless steel, aluminum.

Decorative Chrome Plating,Copper Plating,Nickel Chrome Plating,Nickel Plating,Restoration & Refinishing
Polishing Depot works for industries such as metal spinning, food services, hotel elevators, automotive, aviation and construction. Polishing Depot does it right the first time! Their knowledge and expertise covers: polishing, chroming, anodizing and powder coating. Our loyal customers return for all their polishing and plating needs.
Two Stages of Finishing
(1) Pre-finishes:(prep work)
Electropolishing, Metal Polishing & Buffing, Passivation, Vibratory Finishing
(2) Post Plate Finish (final Stage)
PVD Coating, Painting, Dehydrogenation
Finishing (plating): keyhole plates, kick plates. Chrome plating for automobile and motorcycles. Metal Polishing, powder coating on top knobs, cabinet hardware, knobs pull, shower rods (hotels/motels). You have a 48 hour turnaround time on small orders at your Polishing Depot Finishing Center.
Metal Plating Services
Decorative Chrome Plating
Copper Plating
Brass Plating
Nickel Chrome Plating
Nickel Plating
Restoration & Refinishing
Brass polishing
Do you have any brass that needs polishing?...Brass polishing specialists for all brass finishes, includes buffing. BRASS ITEMS: Solid brass, piano lamps, handle polished brass, boat fixtures, lavatory faucets, handles, cabinet hardware, lever handles,antique brass, brass instruments. Don't buy new brass items; refinish and restore it - like new! We will restore copper and aluminum to a polished new item.  
Bring your fire truck to Polishing Depot. We do it ALL!
All kinds of trucks, ambulances, buses, UPS delivery trucks, vans and sports cars...Drive right in..Lots of room in our lot.
polishing depot finishes
Our Loyal Clients
brass chrome polish toronto

Brass elevators
Mirror Finish & Satin Finish (brush)
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